• Comprehensive Financial Planning

    This encompasses all areas of a client's financial life, including purpose and life planning, cash flow and lifestyle management, insurance planning and risk management, retirement planning and income distribution, education planning, investment and asset management, tax planning, strategic giving, and wealth transfer and estate planning. We cover each of these areas for our clients, as their own individual circumstances require.

    Learn more about our PLANNING PROCESS here.

  • Investment Management

    After we have established goals, it becomes critical that the financial resources we have set aside to achieve them are working in our best interest. This means effectively managing not only returns, but also risk. We understand that our clients' will react differently to different investments in different economic cycles. Therefore, we are careful to fully understand our clients' tolerance for risk and then recommend investments that are appropriate. We don't recommend "stocks of the day", rather we apply asset allocation, diversification and other sound investment principles that have proven to be effective over long periods of time. We also make monitoring the investments we recommend a top priority.

    As a Fee-Only firm, Collie Financial Planning, Inc. is compensated solely by its clients, and does not accept commissions or compensation of any kind based on the products or strategies we recommend. By eliminating the inherent conflicts of interest that are so prevalent in the financial advisory world, particularly those associated with commissions and product sales incentives, our clients can always rest assured that we are working in their best interests, not for the interests of a brokerage firm, a bank, and/or their shareholders. There are no products of the month or sales goals to hit. We are 100% client focused, 100% of the time. Further, we serve as a FIDUCIARY ADVISOR to our clients.